Organic Rice Protein

Organic Rice Protein is a great tasting vegetable protein that is free of the common food allergens normally associated with products such as soy, milk, egg, wheat and yeast. Moreover, being an organic product, this sort of rice protein is extracted from whole grains of rice without using artificial ingredients like pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And when it comes to Organic Rice Protein, it is ensured that not only the organic process is applied in the preparation stage but also during the production of rice. All through, the traditional methods are followed to minimize or eliminate the use of synthetic agricultural inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in Organic Rice Protein.

Proteins are basically a complex, high-molecular-weight, organic compound that consists of amino acids joined by peptide bonds. They are an essential component to the structure and function of all living cells and viruses in human body. In general, organic proteins include both plant proteins and animal proteins, and the proteins may be fresh or processed depending upon the methods of production, sources and consumer perception. However, when it comes to Organic Rice Protein, the mother source of such organic protein is obviously but rice. The other major factor of Organic Rice Protein that is rice is the most popular cereal grain in the world and provide more than one fifth of the calories consumed by humans. It is also a well-accepted form of protein and is a necessary component for the growth of the body and strengthening the elemental components of the living cells. So, when these two highly valued components come together to form Organic Rice Protein it naturally qualifies as an excellent health product. It has also proved to be effective in increasing the protein and nutritional content of baked goods, pasta, energy bars and various other meal-replacement recipes. Moreover, recent studies by the modern dieticians have compared the easily digestible Organic Rice Protein to mother's breast milk in the aspect of its nutritious quality and also for the high quantity of amino acid. At about 58 calories per tablespoon (or 15 gram serving), Organic Rice Protein is one of the lightest protein sources around.

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